Nhi & Lou | Engagement | San Diego, CA

Nhi and Lou share a unique story. Lou went in to the doctors office for a routine check up. Lou checked into the reception desk, filled out paper work and waited. When his name was called, of course he didn't see the doctor right away. Since Lou was getting his blood drawn, his first stop was to visit the phlebotomist. That phlebotomist happened to be Nhi, and as Lou puts it, "Not only did she take my blood, but she ended up taking my heart too!"    

The schedule was jam packed for Nhi & Lou's engagement shoot. They knew exactly what they wanted and for the first  we were going for a Lois & Clark Superman inspired look and then to more scenic locations. As the night concluded, we lit up some sparkers, drew some light streaks and Lou shared a kiss with Nhi under the starry night.