3pixstudios HIstory

company | pronounced: | three·pix |  \ ˈthrē-pix\ | or; | ep·ix |  \ ˈe-pix \ 

Three-pix or Ep-pix; However our clients pronounce the name between the two, they are both correct. 

3PIXstudios was founded in 2013 by three partners who had the same drive and passion for photography. 
3PIX stands for: Three photographers innovating extraordinary images.  

Initially offering services on photographing weddings, engagements and other events, 3PIXstudios now specializes in photographing running, sporting and corporate events.

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Meet the team


Denley Wong

Founder & Director Photographer

Denley has always been an avid fan of taking photos. He got his start as historian for student organizations while attending college. Soon after, Denley picked up his first DSLR camera and started photographing events for friends, such as baptisms and weddings. At the end of 2008, Denley made his way out to San Diego and by early 2011, started Denley W. Photography. In 2013, he alongside 2 other business partners, formed 3PIXstudios. Denley was presented with the WPPI Masters of Excellence Silver Award for his image entitled; Serene Dream, in 2014. In his spare time, Denley loves to surf, hike, travel, workout, practice martial arts and lounge around as a beach bum.  



Eric nguyen

Lead Photographer

Eric joined 3PIXstudios in 2016. His interest in photography started when he was younger, where his curiosity arose from the various family photos that were hanging on the walls of his home. As time passed, he wanted to keep more memories of his life close to heart, so he picked up a camera and began photographing. Eric's motto is "For every great memory, it needs an amazing photo to complete the story!" Eric enjoys spending time with family, his girlfriend, his dog, and riding his bike.