Raquel & Lou | Couple Session | Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas maybe known as the City of Sin for it's notorious night life, casinos, pool parties, never ending buffets and the magnificent modern hotels on the 4.2 mi stretch of the strip.

Since the strip is always crowded, we decided to do a photo shoot over by the original Las Vegas on Fremont Street. Way less crowded and it has this old school vintage feeling to it.

Let us introduce Raquel and Lou. They met while they were both attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas. 

During the summer break, Raquel had gone back to see her family in Arizona. Despite the distance, Raquel and Lou would spend many weekends driving back and forth to see each other and get to know each other better.   

Fun fact 1: 
Both Raquel & Lou are professional models. 
Raquel had initially entered a contest which jump started her modeling career. Lou would accompany her to every runway show and event to show support. Kudos to you, Lou!   

Fun fact 2: 
Eventually, after attending all the events to support Raquel, Lou had been asked to model and was offered modeling work. Needless to say, he took it on and now both Raquel and Lou are often sought out in the Las Vegas fashion scene as the "Rock Star looking couple"! 

Fun Fact 3: 
Since Raquel and Lou have modeling experience, they were very easy to work with. They told us at the end of the shoot that they had never had a photoshoot of just the two of them having fun and being themselves! All the work that they have done is used for advertising purposes, etc.  

Modeling is one of the many things that Raquel and Lou have in common. They are best friends and whatever trajectory, no matter how crazy it makes life, they will always have each other.  

Sharing a cheerful moment and full of laughs! 

We're so glad that Raquel and Lou had a great time and we were able to provide a new experience for them. It makes the hard work all the worth while. =)  

Best to the both of you!