Christina | MNCC Pageant Winner | Torrey Pines Beach, CA

We had a wonderful time working with Christina again, but this time for her beach photo session.

Miss North County Coastal is a preliminary pageant to Miss California USA, however, the ultimate goal of course is for Miss USA.

We had asked Christina a couple questions and here are the responses:

3PIX: "Why did you decide to run for MNCC and some of your aspirations for running?"

CHRISTINA: "I decided to run for MNCC because I was looking to do something that could give me the opportunity to give back to my community. The idea of being able to represent my home area and be an inspiration to kids of all ages was very appealing and I am so grateful for all of the experiences and memories I've gained."


3PIX: "What advice you would like to give to anyone that maybe thinking about running for a pageant in the future?" 

CHRISTINA: "To anyone who may be considering running for a pageant in the future, I would advise them to be themselves. As well as be accepting and proud of their personalities, who they are, and their accomplishments. Hold yourself high and keep positive. I'd also suggest to be open with everyone and allow yourself to have fun because you can make great friends and memories."

3PIX: "How did you like our photoshoot sessions? Were you nervous? What advice would you give to other contestant winners on prepping for a photoshoot?"

CHRISTINA: "I really enjoyed my photoshoot sessions with 3PIXstudios. They were so much fun and I hope to work with you all again. I was a bit nervous because it was one of the first times I did such a big shoot. Advice I'd give to other contestant winners for prepping for a photoshoot is bring makeup for touch ups, an extra outfit or two, and lots of energy to the shoot because it makes for wonderful pictures and a great time."

It was cold, but she was a trooper, doing jumping jacks and running to keep warm. Who ever said being a model was easy has never seriously modeled before.


Special thanks to Katie Koentje and Anna Lovec, the coordinators of Miss North County Coastal pageant, Thuy, and to Christina's family.

Bonus Round: In case you missed it from our previous blog post; 
Watch our Behind The Scene video of the photo shoot below.

There you have it folks. We wish Christina the best of luck in her future ventures!
Thanks for letting us be a part of your fun filled new experience!