Another Halloween has come and past, but a tale of terror and death will always last. 

A tale of a couple that met their final demise, as their souls rest in peace, their bodies arise.

Rhea & Tim decided to attend an event during Halloween. Twas an event that the two could share their love of music and other things that they have not seen.

The night started with much fun and cheer, but as the night progressed into the morning, soon their lives would be filled with fear. 

The pair had gotten tickets into a haunted maze, where they hugged a zombie, that is where they met their dismay. 


As they both arise the next evening, their bodies were cold and their flesh decaying. 

They both stumble and stagger amongst the living dead, both their eyes rolling in the back of their heads.

"Till death do us part." she had said.
"Till death do us rott." he had added. 

Continuing to love on eternity, now as the walking dead.