Thuy & Mayco | Engagement | Sunset Cliffs, CA

If you don’t believe in lasting love, you will with Thuy and Mayco’s story. They met each other while in middle school, and they became a couple shortly after. At that age, you can call it puppy love but they remained a couple all throughout high school, and now they’re tying the knot!

Can anyone guess how long they have been together?

It’s not often that Thuy & Mayco have time to spend alone. With a daughter and working full time during different hours, it makes it just it bit difficult. When they had the idea of having an engagement photo session, it was something they both wanted that was both relaxing and fun. 

The photo shoot also marked a special significance. It might be hard to believe, but March 6th of this year marks their 12th year anniversary!

Before the photo session, Thuy & Mayco had a short list of what they would like and didn't like for their pictures. 


  • Beach
  • Waves splashing 
  • Nature
  • Sparklers
  • Silhouettes
  • Stars 

Don't like:

  • Dead grass
  • Buildings

With those specific requests in mind, we were off to capture their unique story.  

Thuy&Mayco_240 (1).jpg

Even though buildings were on the "Don't like" list, They both ended up loving this photo! 

Mayco happens to love astronomy, so what a better way to have him and Thuy gazing up at the stars? 

This fun sparkler shot was specifically requested by Thuy. 
It ended up being a very windy night at the beach and lighting up the sparklers ended up being a bigger challenge than anticipated. After several matches, exhausting all the fluid in one lighter, using a can of hairspray, two packs of sparklers, six photos attempts, the very last shot came out flawlessly!  

Words drawn out by yours truly. =)